My Ink

My ink

My vision

My soul

My words exposed for all the world to see

Color blind

No boundaries

Everything exposed

My world in a few short lines

Bits and pieces of reality ripped from my soul

My ink



Simple to some

Dismissed by others

Not true poetry

Awkward in form

The words don’t rhyme

My ink

Not Dickenson or Poe

To hell with that that’s already been done

My ink

Good or bad

Think what you want

It’s me

Who I am

And in reality true poetry cannot be defined

For It comes from the soul

And is written from the heart

My ink

My way

To hell with what the critics think…


Will somebody tonight please just hear me?

Listen to me?

Give me a shoulder to muffle my screams?

Lend me a gentle hand?

Open their heart to someone diseased?

Hold my hand and help find the lighted path?

Find a space in your heart for someone in such darkness?

Will someone tonight please hear me?

The pills never work

The booze just numbs

I have nothing to smoke

And the walls are closing in…

I Brought

I brought with me tonight

A list

This list

The list of all lists

The one I hold right here

The one finally completed

The one thing I worked so hard for



Day and night

Night and day

Hot or cold

Rain or shine

All to create this masterpiece

I brought with me this list

Words on paper

Neatly folded

All written down so I won’t forget

To tell you

Out loud

In front of the world

Of the 10,000 ways you broke my heart…