Silvery Sky

So I look towards the silvery sky

I exhale

I sigh

Where o where has my dear love gone?

Picked up in a tornado?

Lost in a blizzard?

Washed away in a flood?

Declared dead from an overdose of narcotics?

For once you were here

And now you have gone

I am hurt

I am puzzled

So I make another wish to the silvery moon

Same wish

For the one billionth time

Please come back so I can live again…

Thirsting (repost)

Many pieces
So many questions

Life’s uneven rhythm
Pulse begins to race
Then becomes faint and weak

No interest
No desire

Uncontrolled longing
Raging lust

Sober heartache
Drunken smile

Angels watching
Demons abound

Right place
Wrong time

So many pieces
So many mistakes

All this dreaming
All wasted time

Puzzle of my heart
Missing a part


Thirsting for your love…



Starving for your words

Your invisible voice

The one in my head

My once daily middle of the night fix

Now starved

Left craving




Oh so wanting what is no more

Like coffee for my thirst

A plate of waffles for my strength

Your words fed my hunger

Filled my heart

For so long nourished my ache

Now in dispar

I starve

Withering in silence

A voice of only words I no longer hear…