Shriveled Pickle

Suggestive adult content.

Aaawww come on baby
How was that not enough?

Flat on my back
Dripping with sweat
Gasping for breath

Two multiples
Countless others

Plain and simple

Shriveled my pickle
No more boinkin goin on

Need a rest
Time to recover
Allow some inflation to kick in

All the pullin tuggin and blowin ain’t goin to help
Pick it up
Let go
See i told you
Nothing but flop!!!

Sorry for the disappointment
Trying my best

But the battery’s dead
All worn out
Just wont start

Hit you sideways and every other position

Long and short strokes

Even broke out the ice cubes and jello

But like a machine you just keep going

Need some time
Let nature take it’s course
It will grow back i promise

Need to close my eyes
Take a little nap

Oh wait!!!
Is that!!!

Hell yeah!!!
Fishnets and a whip!!!

Back from the dead
Houston we have lift off!!!!



Had a lot of fun with this spontaneous write between an online friend and myself.
Adult in content…

Gotta get out
Getting too hot

Flames of desire
Burning with lust
Slowly removing all attire

Zombie like
Trapped in a spell

Need to be pleased
Fallen upon my knees

Awaiting your orders

Slave at the ready
Burning inside

Unable to wait
Need it now!!!

Loins begin to grind

Never stopping

Bodies straining

Covered in chocolate
Twisting together
Tangled in ultimate passion

Filling every need

Tangled sheets
Heaving breath
Drowning in sweat

Smiling like the devil

Leading you to the shower
Gently washing away the flames

Building again

Sipping and licking every drop of milk

Moaning and screaming
Hitting every spot

Pulling me tight
Sending you over the edge

Feeling every spasm on the tip of my tongue

All i can do is roll my eyes and grin
Knowing soon it will be my turn…


Adult themed

Red lips
Writhing hips
Bouncing breasts


Raking nails
Aching flesh

Burning desire
Unquenchable fire

Twisted limbs
Scratching and clawing

Heading for bliss

Sweet release
Explosions abounding

Becoming one
Moments frozen in time

A smile etched upon your face
Have taken you to an unknown place…

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes
Free your mind
Just allow me in

Lie back
Just pretend it’s my hand

Let the fantasy flow

Maybe a cowboy?
A white knight on a horse?
It’s your choice

Anything you want
Your wish is my command

Spread your legs
Feel the wetness

Insert a finger
Find a rhythm

Pretend it’s me fulfilling your pleasure
Filling you to the brim

Stuffing you full
Making you scream

Take yourself over the brink
Feel your muscles spasm
Teeth clench
Body tingle and twitch

Just close your eyes
Lie back

I’m right here
Ready to fulfill every naughty wish…


Hovering over me
So hot
So sweaty
Massaging my groin
Pulling my clothes off piece by piece
Tugging gently
Wicked grin
Manhood springing free
Standing tall
Ready for action
Begging for your touch
Only you have something special in store
Straddling my chest
Panties pulled to the side
Demanding in your sternest voice
Dip your tongue!!
Don’t stop till i cum!!
Up to the test
I dive right in
Parting your lips with mine
Grinding back and forth
Moaning and writhing
Pushing you over the edge
Grabbing your ass
Pulling you tight
Making sure i taste every drop
Leaving you gasping and panting
And ready for a good pounding…

My turn now to be dominating
To be demanding

Down upon your knees
For now you will please me

Yes my submissive
I am at full attention
Can you handle it all?


Eyes rolling
Grin spreading
Oh my!!!
Seventh heaven

Guess there is no longer a question

Gently pushing you back
Can only handle so much
Need to change things up

Jumping up
Running away
Coming back with a treat

Orange Popsicle to help cool down
Cold and sweet
Letting it melt and drip
Then licking it off
Head to toe and everywhere in between
A little extra in the naughty spots

Changing the rules
You take control

Pushing me down
Climbing on top

Whispering in my ear
Dirty little words
All the things i love to hear

Pinned down
You hover above


Not quite…

Hard as steel
Aching to enter
Need to feel your pleasure

Begging now
Need it bad

Wicked grin
Dropping down
Swallowing me whole

Just enjoying

Slow circles
Limited motion
Rocking back
Hitting the perfect spot

Pleasure building
Speed increasing

Vulgar words pouring out

Piston pumping
Slick wetness

Switching positions

Side saddle
Then taking you from behind

Buried deep
Pulling out
Teasing my tip upon your clit

Making you beg
Telling me who’s in charge

Nearing the end
Going for broke
Slamming as hard as i can

Out of breath
Both cumming together
Muscles tensing
Nipples hard
Nails raking
Voices screaming
Cock buried
Musky wetness

Smiling uncontrolled
Both now knowing greatness…

Ready and willing for another round…

Strip Poker

A pleasure my dear to take you on a trip
To strip you naked with every card i flip

Drunken game of strip poker
Your clothing diminishing by the hour

Just us
A bottle of rum

Playing the game
No backing out

Come too far
Almost there

Tempting flesh just within reach
One more hand should do the trick

Ace Ace King King
Two pair
I WIN!!!

Such a pleasure to watch the last button fall
Now knowing i get my fun

Rising to your feet
Hot ready and willing
Smiling wickedly
Ready for business

Dropping down
Licks and sucks

Ultimate sensation
Unable to describe

Picking you up
Throwing you back

Legs straight up

Wobbly old table still holding out

Slipping in
No hesitation
Giving all in a single motion

Begging for more in a nasty whisper

Screaming out
Clawing and drawing blood

Feeling you gasp and clench
Exploding in passion
Pushing me over the edge

Barely breathing

End game…

Both of us winning…