So long ago

This dream I am in says I am 4


I haven’t even been born

My mother in a hurry


Stopping quickly

House I have never seen

Quick knock

Pushing me inside

Go!! he will be fine

Alone now


This lady

Dark paneling

Shag carpet

Cigarette smoke

Cookies baking

Underdog on the tv

Relaxed yet wary

Then as always

In exactly the same spot

I wake up…


Beneath The Moon

Beneath the moon each misty night
I see your shadow
I hear your cries

Looking skyward
You dream
Wishing upon each and every star

From dusk until dawns first light
You sit quietly alone beneath the moons silvery glow

A beauty in white
Hands clasped
Wings folded
Cursing every wretched turn in life

Beneath the moon each misty night

I see

I hear

I pray

I sit right beside you

Yet so far away you never even know I am there…