I Don’t Mind

I don’t mind

I understand

What was

Is no more

Long ago released from your heart

Left to fend for myself

Left in the cold to starve

Everyday a fight for survival

I don’t mind

I completely understand

But what I can’t

I won’t

Nor will not fathom

Is the thought of you in another’s arms…

How Dare You

How dare you

Insult me

Throwing words



Without abandon

How dare you

Bat your eyes and roll such a wicked glare

How dare you

Call me out

Pointed finger

Cocked brow

Attitude of queen bitch know it all

How dare you

Hate me

Berate me



Try and darken my soul

With your words

Of disgust


Mockery and misunderstanding

How dare you

For all I did

Was to be there

Through your better and for your worse…


On a trip

Out of my mind



Music twisting

Gaining new meaning

On a trip

Flying out from my body



Just fighting to keep my eyes open

Heartbeat slow

Thoughts bouncing

Random blips of genius

Long stretches of incoherence

On a trip

A different level

A whole new plane

So close your eyes

Take my hand

Free yourself

And just fly along…


Moonlight rising

Almost quiet
Only a whispering wind

Haunting time
Witching hour

Mind games
Shadows casting spells

Demons of the past making their nightly call

Pacing wildly
Heart racing
Unable to be still

Reliving every moment
Every beating
Every twisted broken word

Nightly journey
Trail of fear

Bare feet
Barbed wire
Giant shards of glass

Fragile mind
Point of insanity


Never landing…

Trapped in eternal free fall…


Under the influence

High as a kite


Just short of a coma

Mind calm

Successfully have slowed the world

For a short moment

Finally finding silence

Under the influence

High as a kite

Closing my eyes

Just imagining

Truly believing




You will come back

And my heart will finally be at peace…

Was It

Was it fun for you?

Pretending to surrender

Your heart

Your soul

All your secrets

Everything supposedly broken and hidden

Was it fun for you?

To draw me in

To pull my insides out

To allow me to trust

Then burn me down

Was it fun for you?

Scattering my ashes

Watching me separate

Pull apart

Disintegrate in the wind

Was I just a pawn?

A game?

Part of your greater plan?

Was it fun for you?

When I told you of the love I felt?