Far Away

From somewhere far away
Will you please come back to me?

Like a fool
I watched you run into the distance

Never giving chase
Only my blessing

Told you to fly
To soar
To break your chains
To be free from the bonds of tyranny

I closed my eyes and let go of your hand

Never realizing
What was best for you
Would tear open my scars
And leave a hole of blackness within my aching heart…



Don’t stare at me
Get away from me
My heart had given you up

No more dreaming
No more schemes

No more love
The end of a lust

Don’t speak to me
I am not listening

You are gone from me

Now only
A memory full of scars and broken hearts

Go away…

Leave me be…


Dying once more

For the truth is…

Only praying…

You will come back again…

A Bond

A broken bond
Still attached
All but severed

Just hanging by a thread

Once strong
Now weak
Weighed down over time

Secrets piled on

Too much burden
Eroded soil
Exposed roots
Our bond crashing down upon us

Like the first

Not the last

Just another in a long list of slow painful goodbyes….


Hidden deep inside

Locked away

Inside a secret box

Untold stories

Unhealed wounds

Jagged scars a mile long

A haunting darkness

A broken path

Things unseen

Horrors lived and never forgotten

Hidden deep inside

Locked away

A pain

An ache

A sickness

A disease

A gnawing

A clawing

A never-ending self loathing


Self doubt

Words never said

Always later

Never appropriate

Now too late

Gone far away

Never to return

My soul connection

I love you my friend….