On This

On this the most moonlit of nights

We lie on the ground

Hands together

Eyes on the stars

Silently watching



The enormity

The vastness of the universe

The complexity of us

On this the most moonlit of nights

I feel your heart beat

Your pulse increase as we count each meteor trail

Then both secretly making a wish on each and every star

On this…

The most moonlit of nights…

I Never again will have to dream of holding you in my arms…

For finally…

At last…

We are together…

Two bodies…

One soul…

Forever and ever…



I see your face
Busy as you hold back every emotion

I see your fingers
Balled in agony

I hear your voice
Crying silently
Breaking like dropped glass

I feel your heartbeat
A skipping rhythm
Out of tune

I feel your weight
I taste your tears
Yet I no not your pain

I listen
I see
I hear
I long

I watch as you gently brush the debris from the stone of my grave…

I Know

I know all

I know nothing

I am whole

Yet inside I am incomplete

For without your voice

I am silent

Without your eyes

I have no vision

Without your strength

I cannot stand

Without my other heartbeat

I have ceased to exist

I know all

I know only suffering

I am

I am not

For without you

I am alone

My soul is in darkness

I am forever

I am nothing

Always wandering


Never finding

What we once had…